OncoArendi Therapeutics has entered into a global license agreement with Yale University

acquiring exclusive rights to develop and commercialize a technology entitled “Inhibitors of Acidic Mammalian Chitinase (AMCase)”. Inhibitors of AMCase have been developed based on earlier discoveries of Jack A. Elias, MD, currently Dean of Medicine and Biologic Sciences and Frank L. Day Professor of Biology at Brown University. The results of his pioneering research at Yale (Science, 2004) showed that AMCase is induced during a Th2-mediated response in a mouse model of allergic airway inflammation. The relevance of these findings to the disease was also highlighted by the exaggerated expression of AMCase in human asthma.

OncoArendi Therapeutics in a project co-financed from the European Funds under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme has progressed the earlier work to show in vivo efficacy of AMCase Inhibitors in two different animal models of human asthma. Having secured over $3M in public and private funding for continuing this work, OncoArendi Therapeutics plans to identify a development candidate within the next 6 months and progress its development to IND submission and Phase I clinical trials by early 2017. In its research and development activities OncoArendi continues to collaborate with the groups of Prof. Jack A. Elias at Brown University and of Prof. Jakub Golab at the Medical University of Warsaw.

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