Michał Sołowow invested in OncoArendi Therapeutics Sp. z o.o.

On January 15, 2015 Michał Sołowow invested in OncoArendi Therapeutics Sp. z o.o. via  the IPOPEMA 112 FIZAN fund.

OncoArendi is a dynamically growing biotechnological company, which develops innovative anti-inflammatory and antitumor drugs with unique mechanisms of actions. Twelve million PLN obtained from Series A investors, with Michał Sołowow as leading investor, will allow the company to work on its key programmes for the next three years: potential asthma therapy and a group of new compounds stimulating the anti-tumour response of the human immune system. About 4 million Poles and 300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma with more and more children developing the disease. Currently used steroid therapies have severe side effects. At the same time every year cancer is diagnosed in more than 14 million patients and it remains the most frequent cause of death worldwide. In Poland both cancer incidents and death rate are the highest among European Union countries.
Apart from the company’s unique research programs and world leading position in the area of inhibitors of proteins called chitinases, investors were attracted to OncoArendi by its team of top medicinal chemists with many years of experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the US, outstanding molecular biologists and successful managers with experience leading high-technology companies to IPO. Crucial for the investors was also The financial support, which the Company received from NCBR, was also important for investors, because it significantly lowers the risk of long term investment in scientific research.

OncoArendi is the first biotech investment for Michał Sołowow. This  sector still developing in Poland. Financing research aimed at developing innovative drugs is very risky, but if successful, the potential return on investment may be great. Acquisitions of New drug candidates, which have already entered clinical trials, may be acquired by global pharmaceutical companies for hundreds of  millions of dollars.
Investors and OncoArendi have joined forces to deliver to patients more effective and safer drugs than presently available therapies, along with company growth and substantial economic return.