Announcement of the result of tender procedure No. 60/2020 – YKL-40

OBJECT FOR THE REQUEST: Expert advice and consulting in the area of biological and translational research, including the role of CHIT3L1 (YKL-40) and CHIT1 proteins in lung diseases, in particular in (also COVID-19 induced) lung fibrosis, as well as testing OAT compounds in animal models.

After collecting all the information regarding the request for proposal and after analyzing the completeness of the offers, the Commission concludes that the most advantageous offer meeting all the requirements contained in the request has presented:

Bart Lambrecht
Eedverbondkaai 260
9000 Gent, Belgium

Total net price of the order execution: 38 400,00 USD (149 475,84 PLN)

The Commission recommends the Management Board to perform the order in accordance with the offer submitted by this Contractor.