Molecure Announces First Half 2023 Results – Significant Financial and Operating Momentum

  • Molecure strategy update for 2023-2025 based on the development of a diversified portfolio of innovative research projects with the potential for breakthrough therapies for incurable diseases
  • Completed successful Secondary Public Offering (SPO) of gross proceeds of approximately PLN 50 million (USD12million)
  • Proceeds will fund the company through significant development milestones and value inflection points
  • First patient dosed in Phase I trial with OATD-02, a novel, first in class dual arginase inhibitor for the treatment of cancer
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to conduct a Phase II clinical trial for OATD-01, a first-in-class inhibitor of chitotriosidase 1 (CHIT1)
  • Applications also submitted to European Medicine Agency and UK MHRA to conduct Phase II clinical testing of OATD-01


Warsaw, Poland – 29 September 2023 – Molecure S.A. (“Molecure”: WSE: MOC) a clinical stage biotechnology company developing first-in-class small molecule drug candidates that directly modulate unexplored protein and RNA targets to treat multiple incurable diseases announces first half results for the period ended 30 June 2023. The full report in Polish can be found here.


Marcin Szumowski, CEO and President of the Management Board of Molecure said “Many events of this year were crucial for further development of Molecure. In June, we announced the updated strategy for 2023-2025, the implementation of which will enable us to continue building the company’s value. In a very difficult market for biotech, attracting investor interest leading to high oversubscription in our secondary public offering was clearly a great accomplishment in our quest to build a clinical stage biotechnology company able to change the fate of patients. This year we have made excellent progress developing our first in class product portfolio and have achieved key milestones throughout this year including dosing the first cancer patient in our Phase 1 study with OATD-02, and receiving FDA approval to proceed with clinical trials in the US for OATD-01.

Bringing two of our most advanced programs to patients opened a new and exciting chapter for Molecure. I would like to thank our shareholders for their trust and the entire Molecure team for their dedication and unwavering commitment to improving the lives of patients. We eagerly await the initial read outs from our clinical trials and look forward to achieving further milestones in the development of our balanced pipeline, which we hope will ultimately lead to commercial success through strategic partnership agreements.”

Investor Presentation

The Company’s first half results presentation for investors will be held on October 3, 2023 at 2:00 PM (CET) in an online meeting. Link

The meeting will be conducted mainly in Polish and partly in English with simultaneous translation. It is expected to last approximately 90 minutes.

Commercial & Operational Highlights in H1 and post-period

  • Significant progress made on OATD-02, an oral, potent and selective first-in-class, dual arginase inhibitor (ARG1 and ARG2) for the treatment of cancer
  • First patient dosed in March 2023 in Phase I clinical trial to assess safety, tolerability and preliminary efficacy of OATD-02 in patients with advanced and/or metastatic solid tumors
    • lnitial clinical data expected at the end of 2023
  • Publication in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, a journal of the American Association of Cancer Research, entitled “Arginase 1/2 inhibitor OATD-02: from discovery to first-in-man setup in cancer immunotherapy”. Link here
  • In June, the publication of an update to the Strategy for the years 2023-2025. The Company’s primary strategic objectives in the areas of R&D and business development are:

– Continuation of the intensive clinical development of two key projects: completion of the Phase II study for OATD-01 in sarcoidosis and completion of the Phase I clinical trial for OATD-02 involving oncology patients, with the potential for expanding into additional indications and combination therapies,

– Further advancement of early-stage preclinical projects, including the identification of 1-2 lead compounds (candidates for preclinical development) and the initiation of another program into the clinical trial phase,

– Acceleration of the development of a groundbreaking small molecule drug platform targeting mRNA, including achieving in vitro Proof of Concept (PoC) and selecting lead molecules.

– Enhancement of the drug discovery processes efficiency (by reducing time and costs and mitigating the risk of failure) through investments in machine learning technology and generative artificial intelligence (GenAI),

– Execution of at least 1 high value partnering agreement for at least one project in the clinical phase, as well as the establishment of a series of commercial collaborations, including profit-sharing arrangements, for programs in earlier stages of development,

The total investment expenditure to achieve the goals outlined in the Strategy for the period from mid-2023 to the end of 2025 has been estimated at approximately PLN 250 m.

  • In July, Molecure successfully raised, through a Secondary Public Offering, gross proceeds of approximately PLN50m (USD12m) from existing shareholders,

– These proceeds and expected grant awards will be used to fund and build Molecure’s first in class sustainable pipeline of breakthrough therapies through significant value inflection points including completion of the Phase II study for OATD-01 in sarcoidosis and completion of the Phase I clinical trial for OATD-02 in oncology patients, with the possibility of expansion into additional indications and combination therapies.


  • We continue to make excellent progress with OATD-01:

– In July Molecure, received US FDA Investigational New Drug (IND) approval for OATD-01 which will allow the company to conduct Phase II clinical trials in the US. The planned Phase II proof-of-concept study will be the first to treat patients suffering from pulmonary sarcoidosis and is expected to start in the fourth quarter 2023.

– Molecure has also submitted applications to the EMA and UK MHRA to initiate a Phase II clinical trial in the European Union and Norway and the UK respectively.

Molecure has signed an agreement with Simbec-Orion, a leading global Clinical Research Organisation which will conduct the clinical trial on behalf of Molecure. The Phase II trial will be conducted in the US and several European Union Countries and enroll approximately 90 patients with active pulmonary sarcoidosis.

Key organizational changes to drive the Company through its next phase of growth and clinical development

  • Samson Fung, Chief Medical Officer appointed to the Company’s Management Board to support the clinical development of OATD-01 and OATD-02
  • Zbigniew Zasłona, promoted to Chief Scientific Officer from his former position as VP Research Biology. Dr. Zasłona, remains on Molecure’s Management Board


First Half Financial Highlights

  • Operating income of PLN1.0 million, in line with 1H 2022.
  • Operating expenses totaled PLN10.9 million, an increase of PLN2.2 million. This was mainly due to increasing research costs as the company’s pipeline advances, higher salaries and costs of external services.
  • Net loss for the first six months of the year totaled PLN7.4 million vs net loss of PLN7.1 million in 1H 2022.
  • As of June 30, 2023, Molecure had cash of nearly PLN 50million (US$11.5 million).
  • As of the publication date of the 1H 2023 report (September 29), the Company’s cash position amounted to approximately 85 million PLN, taking into account the funds raised from the recently finalized public offering (US$19.5 million).
  • US$/PLN exchange rate 4.35 as of 30 June 2023.



For further information, please contact:

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About Molecure


Molecure S.A. is a biotechnology company discovering and developing drugs to the clinical stage, which uses its own unique competences in the field of medicinal chemistry and biology to search for and develop first-in-class small-molecule drugs that, through direct modulation of previously unexplored protein and RNA targets, can be the therapy of many incurable diseases.

Molecure has generated a diverse portfolio of seven distinct programs with the support of leading academic scientific institutions around the world, including Yale University, Rutgers University, the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) in Ghent, the University of Michigan, and the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw (MIBMiK).

The most advanced drug candidate developed by Molecure is OATD-01, a first-in-class CHIT1 inhibitor for use in the treatment of interstitial lung diseases such as sarcoidosis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which is ready to enter phase II clinical trials. The start of a phase 2 trial in sarcoidosis patients is expected in early Q4 2023.

The second drug candidate is OATD-02, an oral, selective, first-in-class, dual arginase inhibitor (ARG1 and ARG2) for use in cancer treatment, whose phase I clinical trial began with its first administration to a patient in Q1 2023.

Molecure’s headquarters and laboratories are located in Warsaw and Łódź. The company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (ticker: MOC).

For more information, please visit

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