Patients and their needs are at the heart of our mission. Our work involves developing innovative and effective therapies that can provide relief and improve the quality of life for patients affected by incurable diseases.

This tab provides the necessary information on our clinical trials activities.

Clinical Trials

We are researching and developing new drugs for inflammatory diseases and cancer. Currently, we are conducting two clinical trials: OATD-01 for pulmonary sarcoidosis (Phase 2) and OATD-02 for cancer (Phase 1).



Phase I
Phase II
Sarcoidosis, other ILDs
Current Status
2025 estimate

Molecure is partnering with the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research to ensure all patients have access to the support and educational information they need.

Ongoing clinical trial with OATD-01

Efficacy and Safety of OATD-01 for the treatment of active pulmonary sarcoidosis.

Compound OATD-01 has successfully passed pre-clinical and clinical Phase 1 studies, demonstrating strong anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic properties. This Phase 2 clinical trial will be conducted in the United States and Europe.

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Ongoing clinical trial with OATD-2

OATD-02 is an innovative dual-inhibitor of both arginase isoforms (ARG1 and ARG2), designed for patients with advanced metastatic solid tumors. It affects both the immune response to cancer cells and their metabolism. The First In Human and Rollover studies are being conducted in Poland, specifically in oncology centers in Warsaw, Bydgoszcz and Otwock.
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How can I participate in the study?

Pulmonary sarcoidosis / OATD-01: Click here to find out more

Cancer / OATD-02: Click here to find out more

Are the studies safe?

Before the commencement of clinical trials, approval was obtained from the relevant regulators, indicating that all safety and ethical requirements have been met. Additionally, preclinical studies were conducted to assess potential risks and side effects. All these steps were taken to ensure that participants are safe throughout the duration of the study.

Can I discontinue my participation in the studies?

Yes, participation in the studies is voluntary, meaning you can withdraw at any time without providing a reason. Your involvement is entirely voluntary, and you will not be obligated to remain in the study if you decide to discontinue your participation. Your choice will not impact your ongoing healthcare.