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OncoArendi Therapeutics broadens its collaboration with VIB, a leading life science research institute in Europe, to investigate the role of chitinase family of proteins as potential therapeutic targets in COVID-19 patients

OncoArendi Therapeutics SA today signed an agreement with VIB, one of the world leading life science research institutes. The scope of this research collaboration focuses on the role of chitinase and chitinase-like-proteins (CLPs) in COVID-19 and

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RB nr 18 Rozpoczęcie nowej współpracy w kierunku badań związanych rozwojem leków w ramach Platformy Chitynazowej ukierunkowanych na leczenie powikłań po przebytym COVID-19

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Drug Candidate OATD-01 may find use in treatment of pulmonary fibrosis in patients who have survived a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

Potential effectiveness of OATD-01 in the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis is based on a unique mechanism of inhibiting a new biological target – chitotriosidase 1 (CHIT1)Linking COVID-19 infection to pulmonary fibrosis where CHIT1 plays a role

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