Report Abuse

Rules for reporting abuse

  • Submissions made using the form are instant and automatically sent to a dedicated email address.
  • The default addressee for reports is the Chief Compliance Officer; if the report relates to violations by the Board of Directors, then it is directed to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
  • At a minimum, the report should include the following to allow for investigation and appropriate response:
    • type of irregularity;
    • a description and date of the event and the circumstances of its occurrence;
    • persons involved in the reported irregularity;
    • if possible, point to documents or other information that may confirm the irregularity.
  • The form page does not have any built-in mechanisms to identify the sender.
  • The form allows submitting reports anonymously. It should be noted, however, that voluntarily leaving contact information by the sender of the report would allow the sender to be notified of how the case is being handled, and to be contacted if additional information is needed to fairly process the report.