Magdalena Tyszkiewicz

Magdalena Tyszkiewicz, PhD,  graduated from Biotechnology at Chemical Department of Technical University of Warsaw. In 2011 she received her PhD degree with distinction from Institute of Organic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences. Her dissertation entitled „Structural elucidation on b-lactam analogues by circular dichroism spectroscopy” was granted by the The Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland award for the best doctoral dissertations. In her scientific research she was focused on synthesis and absolute configuration assignment of biologically active compounds. After a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Technical University of Berlin (under a scholarship from the Alexander Humboldt Foundation and BASF) she joined our CMC team in 2015. She dealt with the development of synthetic processes and analytical methods for API quality control. Currently, Dr Tyszkiewicz coordinates the work of the CMC team and is responsible for cooperation with external API and DP manufacturers (CRO).

She is the co-author of 15 scientific publications, one book chapter and one patent.

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