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On the 28th March 2022, OncoArendi changed its name to Molecure

Galapagos informed about the initiation of a clinical trial to evaluate potential pharmacokinetic interactions of GLPG4716

21 July 2021

OncoArendi executes the strategy for 2021-2025 in the area of R&D platform for developing small molecules modulating RNA function

16 June 2021

OncoArendi and Galapagos enter into exclusive collaboration on chitinase inhibitors in fibrosis

5 November 2020

American Journal of Medicinal Chemistry distinguishes OncoArendi publication on OATD-01

21 October 2020

OncoArendi Therapeutics expands the therapeutic potential of its Chitinase Platform

13 October 2020

OncoArendi Therapeutics broadens its collaboration with VIB, a leading life science research institute in Europe, to investigate the role of chitinase family of proteins as potential therapeutic targets in COVID-19 patients

11 September 2020

Events & Presentations

ESMO – 8-12 September 2017 Madrid

1 September 2017

ERS – 9-13 September 2017 Milan

1 September 2017

BIO USA – San Diego 19-22 June 2017

1 June 2017

ATS – Washington 19-24 May 2017

1 May 2017
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